McKellar Stewart Kindergarten
17a Regent Place, Kensington, South Australia 5068


Living eggs

It was just fantastic! Seven out of ten chicken's hatched from their eggs into the waiting arms of our kindergarten children. Chicken cuddles have been very popular and the novelty does not appear to have worn off. Learning also expands children's general knowledge and in this case we have broadened discussions to include other life cycles, other birds, reptiles, insects and creatures that lay eggs. Learning about the life cycles of birds and which insects and animals hatch from eggs has been a wonderful experience with the chickens, turtles and the sea horse experiences to observe. Real experiences support children's learning and make it relevant for them.

We also expanded the experience to incorporate other important areas such as literacy with children encouraged to draw pictures, write words, sing songs, create models and present their work to others. Numeracy skills are developed with children comparing size, weight, and growth rates of the chickens and turtles. There has been much thinking and sharing of ideas and hypothesising about outcomes, i.e. How does a chicken fit in an egg? or how big were dinosaur eggs?

Many children have grown in confidence in handling real creatures and developed an understanding of being responsible for something that is dependent on them. These experiences are great builders of children's self esteem, and feelings of wellbeing.