McKellar Stewart Kindergarten
17a Regent Place, Kensington, South Australia 5068

Persona Dolls

The "Persona Dolls" are the dolls found sitting on the low shelf in the music room. They all have their own name, each one is a four year old (just like the "real" children) and each doll has its own personal history and culture. Kiara, Mootabi, Seamus and Mei Ling are special friends for the children to interact with at kindergarten. They can sit with the children while they are looking at books or doing a puzzle, join them in dancing to music, building with blocks or enjoying a swing.

The Persona Dolls are also available for overnight borrowing (a sleep over) approximately once a term for each child. When they go home with the children they have a bag that goes with them (just like the real children). This bag contains a book about the country they have come from, a folder of pages to add writing/pictures about what they did at your house and their pajamas, spare clothes and toothbrush (for the children to look after them). We enjoy reading some of the sleep over stories with the children and they in turn may share their experiences with another child.

For the children

  • they are an extra friend at kindergarten
  • an opportunity to learn more about other cultures and ways of being
  • someone they can care for and look after
  • a chance to share their home experiences and have them valued

For the parents

  • a link between home and kindergarten
  • an opportunity to share a literacy experience with their child

For the teachers

  • an extension of the literacy programme
  • an opportunity to break down stereotypes (boys & dolls)
  • a chance to broaden the cultural experience of children at kindergarten


Our persona dolls. Our persona dolls.